Who We Are

MEDIFY Solutions is a subsidiary of Resilient Folks (RF). It is a medical supply chain organization that provides safe, affordable and reliable essential medical drugs and other health commodities to the public health facilities in Somalia/Somaliland run by the government and non-governmental charity organizations. We exclusively serve the public health sector and our medicines are not for sale to the private health sector.
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To provide quality, affordable and reliable health products and supply chain solutions to improve healthcare in Somalia/Somaliland.


Our vision is to offer better healthcare for the Somali population through our quality and affordable products and services.


Our aim is to combat consumption of counterfeit medicines by providing subsidized medical drugs and introduce regulatory frameworks.

What We Do

Our Quality Policy

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and strictly comply with predefined quality standards. In order not to compromise our quality standards, we source our products from only suppliers that meet all the below four criteria: -
- ISO Certified
- USAID-OFDA Prequalified Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
- DG-ECHO Humanitarian Procurement Centres
- Holders of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and/or Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Licenses


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